Introducing the Femdom Philadelphia Network 

The Femdom Philadelphia Network will serve to foster camaraderie and mutual support among Dommes, with the goal of working together to help each other thrive in sex work. This network will seek to advocate for standards of integrity, safety, and ethical principles among BDSM professionals, and raise the bar for what the world expects from our city’s professional kink community. Through this alliance we can work together to promote each other, share resources, and create a zero tolerance environment for whoraphobia and harassment. We should all feel safe and welcome in this community; good Dommes want other Dommes to succeed. 

With a lack of a legal or professional safety net, starting out as a new sex worker and maintaining a career as a BDSM professional can be an alienating experience. Many Dommes starting out in Philadelphia do not know where to look for support or mentorship, resulting in exposure to toxic professional environments. We would like to create a safe place for new and existing Dommes to get support from a community with a set of ethical standards and a dedication to honesty.

The professionals in the Femdom Philadelphia Network understand the importance of social responsibility in sex work and have committed themselves to a standard of benevolence and ethical behavior toward their colleagues, clients, and community. We hope to inspire a new generation of well-informed Dommes as they carry forward the tradition of BDSM artistry.

This network will be non-hierarchical; any member can take the reigns and open a dialogue, present an idea, suggest a project, and see where the possibilities lead. 

The Dommes in our network come from varied backgrounds and skill levels. 

Some of the ways we can support each other include


Advocacy & activism


Convention attendance 

Double & group sessions

Equipment & toys 

Event planning

Family issues

Financial advice

Legal advice


Mental health





Public speaking



Skill shares 

Social media 


Studio setup

Teaching classes



Performance art & dance

Vetting clients

Video work


Website management